Greetings to all GEYA Soccer families:


Please use the links below to register for 2022 Spring Soccer.

2022 Spring soccer for K through 12th grade

2022 Spring soccer for coaches

2022 Spring HIGH 5 for Children with Special Needs


Key Dates for 2022 Spring Soccer

Early Bird Registration from January 12th through January 31st

Regular Registration from February 1st through February 28th

Late Registration from March 1st through March 12th

Team Assignments and Coaches Meeting – Week of March 21st

First practices – Week of March 28th

First games – Week of April 4th

4th through 12th Tournament – June 4th and 5th

K-3 Finale – June 11th


Fee Schedule for 2022 Spring Soccer

Early Bird – $95

Regular – $105

Late – $115

Sibling Discount – $20 per additional sibling after the first


General Information 

Every parent should download the TeamSnap app to their phones for convenience and should create an individual account to access team information.

Team Rosters and schedules will be published on TeamSnap one week prior to the start of the season


The safety of our players and all of you is important and begins with you as parents reinforcing the above items with your children.

For Spring 2022, masks will be optional for players, coaches, and spectators, but we reserve the right to modify this policy before the season begins depending on the pandemic conditions.

As much as possible, players and coaches should maintain safe distance at all times when not participating in game play. When placing your equipment bags and water bottles on the sideline, maintain appropriate distance from other equipment.

Beginning 12 hours before a soccer event, go to TeamSnap to complete the 1 minute Health Check. P Players who have not completed the check will not be permitted to participate in a practice/game.

Let’s recognize we’re in this together and let’s have each parent and player take responsibility for him/herself out of respect for the well-being of their community.


Player Equipment

Each player should bring a properly inflated soccer ball to practice, with his/her name on it.

  1. Size 3 for K and 1st
  2. Size 4 for 2/3, 4/5
  3. Size 5 for 6-8, COED

Each player must wear shin guards under (NOT OVER!!!) their socks for all practices and games. Cleats are recommended. Individual water bottles are recommended. Absolutely no sharing of water bottles during the pandemic.

Earrings are not permitted and coaches will ask players to remove them before participating. If they resist, they cannot play … no exceptions. This is a law of the game enforced at all levels. This is not just a GEYA rule.


Field Locations

K, 1st, and 2nd/3rd grade play at Walnut Lane Park at 803 Walnut Lane, Chester Springs. Quad 1 is closest to the parking lot, Quad 2 is farthest.

4th/5th grade play at Larkins Field on the corner of Byers Road and Graphite Mine Road, Chester Springs.

6th-8th grade and COED 9th-12th play at Fellowship Field (241 Fellowship Rd, Chester Springs). Field 3 and 4 are the upper fields, so please use the upper parking lot.


There are two events per team per week. One event will occur on a weeknight (Mon through Thu) and one event on Saturday morning/early afternoon.

The first two events are practices for all teams in all divisions. The divisions with an odd number of teams will have a practice every third or fifth event. Where the schedule does not list an opposing team, that event is a practice.  For K-3 divisions, weeknight events should be treated as hybrid events, where coaches use the first 20 mins to practice and the remaining 30 min to play against the opposing team. These hybrid events create the ideal mix of skill development and game play.

K, 1st Grade, and 2nd/3rd Grade will play until June 11th, with no events on Memorial Day weekend.

Grades 4-12 will play until June 4th/5th, with the final weekend being a Sat/Sun tournament. Tournament schedules will be released 2 weeks prior to the event, but we ask that you do your best to be available both days as we will have many games to fit into limited field space.


Weather Concerns

Decisions about rainouts or cancellations due to soggy field conditions will typically be made by 90 minutes prior to start of the event. If the league cancels an event, coaches do not have the option to hold practice/games on that day. If you do not receive a communication from the league via email/text that means your event is still on.


Game Conduct – Field Boundaries and Restarts

4-12 divisions have paid referees who will observe normal soccer rules for throw-ins and goal kicks.

For K and 1st, coaches should enforce the field boundaries reasonably during the first month to keep play moving. As the season wears on, enforce them more strictly.

For 2nd and 3rd grade, coaches should enforce the field boundaries strictly from the start.

No team should go undefeated, and no team should suffer all losses.

The coaches and commissioners put an unbelievable amount of effort into building fair teams each season. We also work hard to run a league where there is some continuity from season to season within the teams and coaches because it enhances the team sports experience. All I ask is that coaches, players, and parents remember what this is about … being part of a community. If we need to make adjustments, we can … but the most important thing is to experience the spirit of competition and the sense of togetherness. Each of us can play an important role in creating a great atmosphere for our kids to thrive.


If you made it this far, thanks for being so patient with all my communications.

Jay Janczak

President, GEYA Soccer

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  1. Sabari sandeep on March 9, 2022 at 3:24 pm


    Is there someone called Cindi Rodrigues working with Geya sports? I paid for soccer for my 2 kids and the amount was deducted successfully on 3/7/22. But I am being contacted by the above person from a gmail account that the amount is still pending and I need to pay. I shared the payment confirmation from TeamSnap but she keeps insisting to share the same from my bank statement. I feel something fishy and would need you to take corrective action. Also, there is no phone number to contact this person or anyone from Geyasports. Please assist.

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