American legion Baseball

Junior american legion Baseball program

American Legion Code of Sportsmanship
I Will:
Keep the Rules,
Keep Faith with my Teammates,
Keep my Temper,
Keep myself Fit,
Keep a Stout Heart in Defeat,
Keep my Pride under in Victory,
Keep a Sound Soul, a Clean Mind, & a Healthy Body




Pennsylvania American Legion Baseball A Worthy Endeavor
With teams of players ages 13-19 stretching across the state from as far Northwest as Erie, Northeast as Scranton, Southwest as Waynesburg, and Southeast as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the largest participant in American Legion Baseball in the country with over 500 teams participating each year.

Pennsylvania American Legion Baseball is unique in the fact that our leagues use wood bats only. We strive as an organization to prepare our players for future success in baseball and in life. The statements below summarize the primary things the Legion Baseball program hopes to accomplish.
Since 1925, The American Legion has sponsored a nationwide youth baseball program. During these past eight decades, over 10 million players have enjoyed playing the game of baseball. The American Legion and the 2.3 million members have raised millions of dollars each year to give young players an opportunity to learn the importance of teamwork, team loyalty, discipline, leadership and good sportsmanship.

The Purpose of American Legion Baseball has always been to help develop America's youth that will someday step forward and become the future leaders. The American Legion hopes each manager and coach will teach the same philosophy as they interact with their players.