Welcome to GEYA Recreational Soccer

GEYA Soccer is an all-volunteer run recreational soccer program for kids in the following divisions:

  • Coed Pre-K & K through YSC
  • Boys’ K, 1st Grade, 2nd/3rd Grade, 4th/5th Grade & 6th-8th Grade
  • Girls’ K, 1st Grade, 2nd/3rd Grade, 4th/5th Grade & 6th-8th Grade
  • Coed 9th-12th Grade
  • HIGH 5 Soccer Program for Players with Special Needs

Our soccer program aims to teach the basics of the game of soccer, including ball control, passing and goal/corner kicks to our youngest divisions, advancing to more advanced skills and strategy with the older divisions. Regardless of the age group, GEYA Soccer focuses on playing soccer for fun and not for competitive reasons. All players receive equal time and attention, and the program is structured to ensure teams are as balanced as possible. GEYA’s core values are the pursuit of excellence in athletics, teamwork, good sportsmanship and friendship. Our dedicated volunteers lead by example to promote confidence, goodwill and leadership in our players.

Traditionally, GEYA Soccer has run two soccer seasons, spring and fall. The spring soccer season typically runs from early April until early June, and the fall season runs from September until early November. In recent years, our program has expanded to include Winter Futsal in January/February and a very informal summer “pickup” season that runs in July.


About the Organization

The organization is staffed and run completely by volunteers and we’re always looking for more help. If you’re interested in contributing to the success of GEYA, please email us. GEYA Soccer has been serving Upper Uwchlan, Uwchlan, Wallace, West Pikeland, West Vincent, East Brandywine and surrounding townships since 1994. Glenmoore Eagle Youth Association is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.

GEYA Soccer
P.O. Box 164
Uwchland, PA 19480


GEYA Soccer Board Members

President – Jay Janczak

VP 9th-12th Grade – Jay Janczak (Want to volunteer?)

VP 4th-8th Grade – Jay Janczak (Want to volunteer?)

VP Kindergarten-3rd Grade – Jay Janczak (Want to volunteer?)

Treasurer – Tricia Audrain

Secretary – Tricia Audrain

Field Director – Jay Janczak (Want to volunteer?)

Equipment Director -Jay Janczak (Want to volunteer?)

Scheduling Coordinator – Andrea Needham

Registration Coordinator – Cindi Rodrigues

HIGH 5 Coordinator – Matt Wagner

HIGH 5 Administrator – Jenn Wagner

Sponsorship Coordinator – Cindi Rodrigues

Board Members at Large – Kevin Sherman, KC Olafsson, Stan Martens, Danielle Corsi-Martens, Kathleen Nine-Scott


Email president@geyasoccer.org with general questions about our soccer program.
Email registration@geyasoccer.org with any questions related to registration.

If this is a team question, please email your team coach first.

Want to volunteer?

The strength of our youth soccer program derives from dedicated volunteers and the support we receive from the communities. We are always looking for parents that can offer their time as Division Commissioners, Coaches, Soccer Board members.

If you’re able to help or have questions, please contact Jay Janczak (president@geyasoccer.org).

Contact Info

GEYA Soccer
P.O. Box 164
Uwchland, PA 19480



For Parents and Players:

GEYA Team and Schedule Information:

  • GEYA uses an app called TeamSnap for registration and team management throughout the season.
    – Every parent should download the TeamSnap app to their phones for convenience and should create an individual account as a first step, even before you use our registration link for your player or for yourself as a volunteer coach.
  • Once you have a TeamSnap account, you can login within your credentials when
    using our link for the current season.
    – We provide separate links for our Kindergarten through 12 th Grade divisions, our volunteer coaches, and our HIGH 5 program for kids with special needs.
  • For coaches who are interested in coaching multiple teams in separate divisions, you will have to register for each division individually so that we can assign you to more than one team.

What to expect each season:

  • Once the registration ends, we need about 10 days to build the team rosters and assign coaches. All team rosters and schedules are then published, and you will be notified of your child’s team assignment (or your team assignment as a volunteer coach).
  • Coaches will send an introductory message about the first practices via TeamSnap. All divisions will practice twice before their first game, except for COED which will only practice once.

Player Expectations:

  • Each player should bring a properly inflated soccer ball to practice, with his/her name on it.
    1. Size 3 for K and 1 st
    2. Size 4 for 2/3, 4/5
    3. Size 5 for 6-8, COED
  • Each player must wear shin guards under their socks for all practices and games.
  • Cleats are recommended.
  • Individual water bottles are recommended; sharing of water bottles should be limited.
  • Earrings are not permitted and coaches will ask players to remove them before participating. If they resist, they cannot play … no exceptions. This is not just a GEYA rule, it is a law of the game enforced at all levels. 

 Where We Play:

Field Locations

  • K, 1 st , and 2 nd /3 rd grade play at Walnut Lane Park at 803 Walnut Lane, Chester Springs.
    -Field 1 is in the top left corner, when looking at the field from the parking lot.
    -Field 2 is in the top right corner.
    -Field 3 is in the lower left corner, closest to the parking lot.
    -Field 4 is in the lower right corner.
  • 4 th /5 th grade play at Larkins Field on the corner of Byers Road and Graphite Mine Road, Chester Springs.
  • 6 th -8 th grade play at Fellowship Field (241 Fellowship Rd, Chester Springs). Field 3 and 4 are the upper fields, so please use the upper parking lot. Field 1 is the turf field so please use the lower parking lot.
  • COED 9 th -12 th play at Fellowship Field (241 Fellowship Rd, Chester Springs). Field 1 is the turf field so please use the lower parking lot. Field 3 and 4 are the upper fields, so please use the upper parking lot.

Schedule – Spring 2024 Season
Coming soon…stay tuned!

Weather Concerns
Decisions about rainouts or cancellations due to soggy field conditions will typically be made by 90
minutes prior to start of the event. If the league cancels an event, coaches do not have the option to hold
practice/games on that day. If you do not receive a communication from the league via email/text that
means your event is still on.
Game Conduct – Field Boundaries and Restarts
1. 4-12 divisions have paid referees who will observe normal soccer rules for throw-ins and goal
2. For K and 1st, coaches should enforce the field boundaries reasonably during the first month to
keep play moving. As the season wears on, enforce them more strictly
3. For 2 nd  and 3rd grade, coaches should enforce the field boundaries strictly from the start.
4. K-3 will use kick-ins instead of throw-ins.
5. For K-3 goal kicks, the defensive team must retreat to midfield and allow the kicking team to
connect one pass before pressuring the ball.

Game Conduct – Length, Playing Time
1. A minimum of 1 substitution per quarter or half (K through 3 rd grade play four quarters, all other
divisions play two halves).
2. All players should play at least 50% of the game and be given the opportunity to play multiple
3. The number of the players on the field can be adapted sensibly according to attendance for both
teams. Coaches should work together to ensure a competitively balanced match.
GradePlayers on FieldBall SizeGoaliePlaying TimeField Size (yards)Goal Size (feet)RefereeField

K Boys and Girls, 1st Boys63No4 10-min. quarters25 x 505 x 10No (coaches)Walnut Lane Park
1st Girls7 (6 plus GK)3Yes4 10-min. quarters25 x 505 x 10No (coaches)Walnut Lane Park
2nd/3rd7 (6 plus GK)4Yes4 12-min. quarters25 x 505 x 10No (coaches)Walnut Lane Park
4th/5th9 (8 plus GK)4Yes2 25-min. halves50 x 806 x 18YesLarkins
6 – 811 (10 plus GK)5Yes2 25-min. halves60 x 1008 x 24YesFellowship
9 – 1211 (10 plus GK)5Yes2 35-min. halves60 x 1008 x 24YesFellowship  

Game Conduct –Sportsmanship and Competitive Balance
1. Opposing coaches should talk before each game to get a sense of the relative strength of each
team, and work together to create a fun day for all the players and parents.
2. Let’s strive for a 1-2 goal differential, where everyone can enjoy some success and experience
some adversity to grow as players and as people.
3. Sometimes the score is not indicative of the competitive spirit in the game, but it is better to err
on the side of caution, acting too soon to prevent a blowout rather than too late.
4. No team should go undefeated, and no team should suffer all losses. If your team is on either end
of this spectrum frequently, the coach should make me aware so that we can consider an
The coaches and commissioners put an unbelievable amount of effort into building fair teams each
season. We also work hard to run a league where there is some continuity from season to season within
the teams and coaches because it enhances the team sports experience. All I ask is that coaches, players,
and parents remember what this is about … experiencing the spirit of competition and the sense of
togetherness. Each of us can play an important role in creating a great atmosphere for our kids to thrive.

Thanks for reading and adhering to our policies, regulations, and expectations. Any questions can be sent to:

Jay Janczak (president@geyasoccer.org


GEYA Soccer

PO Box 164

Uwchland, PA  19480

Coaches Toolbox:

Hello GEYA soccer coaches!  With each season, we need to make sure our background checks are up to date.

There are four clearances required.  Please note the FBI check differs if you’ve lived in PA for less than 10 years:
Clearance Link Frequency
PA Criminal History   PA State Police Criminal History Valid for 5Y
PA Child Abuse   PA Child Abuse History Check Valid for 5Y
FBI Check   PA resident of 10Y or more: Affidavit of Compliance Valid for 5Y
PA resident of less than 10Y: FBI Fingerprint Check Valid for 5Y
Concussion   Concussion Training Valid for 1Y
We use https://www.backgroundmanager.com to manage the documentation, and rely on you to create an account and upload your clearances.  If you are new to the site, click the green button to start, use our code GEYA, and follow the prompts.
Please make every effort to complete and/or update your clearances.  We are required by EPYSA, our state governance org, to maintain compliance for all our volunteers.  With the exception of the concussion training, which is needed yearly, the other clearances all last for 5 years, so you’ll be covered for a while.
If you have any problems with the links or clearances, or have any questions at all about the process, please contact Andy Grubb (andy.grubb@gmail.com)

Guidance for K-3 First Time Coaches

Smile. Laugh. Crack bad jokes. Be silly. Just be yourself and have fun. Make them fall in love with soccer before trying to make them great at soccer.

  • Let the kids name the team (usually linked to the jersey color). Embrace that team name and turn it into an identify. Make each kid feel like an indispensible part of something bigger.
  • Less talk and more action. Simple instructions delivered in 90 seconds or less is your best friend.
  • Patience. Almost everything you try to do or teach will look horrendous and disorganized at first.
  • Don’t be discouraged … persist, and you will see steady improvement.

Practice Template

  • 1 hour of practice broken into three 15-min segments.
    Demo >> drill >> game >> waterbreak
  • demonstrate a simple technique quickly
  • practice the technique in a simple drill with additional instruction
  • as they drill,  play a game that gives them the opportunity to apply the skill
  • Scrimmage to finish (within your squad or with the other team if you are sharing the field)
  • Simplicity and repetition. A few simple objectives and a thousand repetitions are what is needed at the youngest ages.

Dribbling technique

  • Emphasize control over speed; think of the ball as a puppy on a leash
  • Dribble using the laces or outside of the foot
  • Change directions by stepping on the ball and dragging it with the sole of your foot as you turn

Passing/shooting technique

  • Short passes with the inside part of the foot sweeping the ball toward the target
  • Shooting by pointing the toe down and driving the laces through the middle of the ball
  • Position of the standing foot next to the ball

Positioning with 5 players on the field
Simple X-shaped formation using 2 defenders (right and left), one central midfielder, two forwards (right and left)

Positioning with 6 players on the field
3 defenders (right, central, left), three forwards (right, central and left)

Parts of the field
(Call them out, kids run to them)

Goal line – Goalbox – Midfield – Sideline – Corner


 Name your alignment (playing a 2-3-1) by position and explain the fundamental job that goes
with each position; Shifting to cover
 Maintaining our SHAPE- Getting Wide & get to open space
 Squeeze on defense
 Attacking half
 Defensive half

Starting from stoppage

Goal kick – Corner kick – Throw-ins/Kick-ins  –  Demonstrate when and where to be

Technical Skills


Dribbling UNDER CONTROL (1 minute) (inside foot, outside foot, top, pullbacks)
KEEP THE BALL CLOSE– using the laces rather than the toe to move the ball forward, using the inside and
outside of the foot to move the ball right and left, learning how to drag the ball backward with the sole.

 Don’t crash the car aka – Red light, Green light
o Green light, yellow light, red light (stop with foot on the ball)
o Red light = pullback, then pullback L
o Box touches and toe-taps
 Sharks & Minnows
 Dribble line to line – 2 lines running towards each other- first line to line – stop on
line then add in “pull back” to change direction and back to original line
 Line of cones – dribble through cones using inside & outside, left & right

Kick the coach for WATER (dribble ball in Box trying to kick ball and hit coach)
Demonstrate using the laces rather than the toe for power, emphasizing the position of the standing
foot (Plant foot) next to the ball-

 2 Shooting lines – stationary ball – Emphasize POSITION OF FOOT, & AIM OF FOOT –
Discuss your plant foot “Make a 10 or a 01 for lefties”
 Dribble & Shoot (move line back – coach rolls ball)
 Receive the pass, dribble & shoot
 If needed – Line of cones – dribble through cones using inside & outside, left & right
then shoot

Passing – using the inside of the foot for short distance passing and laces to drive the ball longer
distances. Control – receiving the ball- trapping with slight touch to set up next move
– Locking your ankle to pass with control

 2 lines – players across from each other passing back and forth
 2 lines (crosses) passers & shooters (passers make 1 touch from line then cross
emphasize shooters trailing – alternate lines
 Z Drill- left forward, pass to player at goal line- passes to right forward- Shoot
(follow the ball to next position)
 2v1 – 2 lines facing goal (add in defender at goal line eventually) – pass the ball to
coach, coach plays the ball to either side – 1 pass then shoot

Kick the Coach for water
SCRIMMAGE- Stop the game to show shape

Training Drills:

– Red light Green light “don’t crash the car”
– Sharks and minnows
– Shield the ball – teams of 1on1 (big cone boxes)
– Z Drill (Zig Zag)
– Gauntlet – 2 lines 1 each through the gauntlet, feed the offense the ball
– 2 on zero – two lines passers and shooters (1 pass) (then add a defender)
– 1 touch circle
– Dribble towards each other, line to line not running into each other
– Coach Says (Simon says but soccer)
– Shifting the field based on ball location – Hold ball out – move left, Center, Right