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How to be a Good GEYA Soccer Parent

The parent or guardian plays a key role in the development of the soccer player. Obviously the parent or guardian has tremendous influence on the values, attitude, and outlook on life that a child develops, including those related to the playing of soccer.

  1. I provide positive support and encouragement to my child, other players on their team, and to opponents
  2. I promote practice at home.
  3. As needed, I bring my child to practice (typically 15 minutes early) and games (typically 30 minutes early) on time.
  4. As needed, I notify the coach when practices or games will be missed or arrived at late.
  5. Parents are to remain at the field during practices and games for the safety of their children, or have a responsible party present.
  6. I allow the coach to coach.
  7. I allow the players to play.
  8. I allow the referee and linesmen to call the game.
  9. I will remember my child made the team, not me.
  10. I support the team by volunteering with telephone calls, etc.
  11. I support the club by volunteering at signups, tournaments, etc.
  12. I am positive and I look for positives in the coach, players, and referees.
  13. I have reasonable and realistic expectations.
  14. I remind my child not to get down on themselves and to keep playing hard.
  15. I remember not to take myself too seriously during the game.
  16. I maintain a “Fun is #1” attitude.
  17. I know and understand the rules of the game. If I don’t understand a rule or call, I ask someone who knows.
  18. I know and follow club rules and policies.
  19. I help my child fulfill their obligation to the team.
  20. I encourage my child to talk to the coach as needed.
  21. I am a role model of good sportsmanship and expect my child to be the same:
  22. I control my temper
  23. I accept the decisions of officials with good grace
  24. I treat players, coaches, other parents, opponents, and officials with fairness, generosity, courtesy, and respect
  25. I develop my child’s respect for the ability of opponents and for the judgement of referees and opposing coaches
  26. I discourage unfair gamesmanship
  27. I will not use profanity, abusive language or negative personal remarks.
  28. I understand that GEYA Soccer is organized around the principle of fun for everyone involved.

What to expect once you've signed up

Once registration is closed for the current season, the GEYA Soccer Board, the VPs, the division commissioners, the field assignment director, and the scheduling director spend a significant amount of time working out the number of teams per division, the schedule for the season, the field assignments, the referee assignments, and coach and assistant coach assignments for all teams. 

Once this is complete, meetings with the coaches are scheduled to talk through the logistics for the upcoming season. In the younger divisions, the commissioners and coaches assign the players to the teams and will communicate the assignment via email or phone after the coaches' meeting. In the older divisions, we may schedule a skills combine to assess the players and help ensure we have balanced and fair teams. 

Please be patient as we work through the team assignment and scheduling process. We try hard to have the details worked out before the season kick off but it often comes down to the wire due to late registrants, field issues, weather, and acquiring coaches. If you haven't heard from your coach by the weekend before the season opens, please send an email to your Division Commissioner (the email can be found on the Board & Commissioners Page).

Uniforms & Equipment

Players must wear soccer cleats and shin guards at every game and practice (shin guard inside socks please!). Players must wear a GEYA t-shirt or jersey.

Jewelry Policy

No jewelry is to be worn by GEYA soccer players at any time (i.e. earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc).  This includes earrings. 
If you're child is planning to have his/her ears pierced please wait until after the season concludes. See the law 4 of the Laws of Soccer for details.

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