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How to be a Good GEYA Soccer Parent

The parent or guardian plays a key role in the development of the soccer player. Obviously the parent or guardian has tremendous influence on the values, attitude, and outlook on life that a child develops, including those related to the playing of soccer.

  1. I provide positive support and encouragement to my child, other players on their team, and to opponents
  2. I promote practice at home.
  3. As needed, I bring my child to practice (typically 15 minutes early) and games (typically 30 minutes early) on time.
  4. As needed, I notify the coach when practices or games will be missed or arrived at late.
  5. Parents are to remain at the field during practices and games for the safety of their children, or have a responsible party present.
  6. I allow the coach to coach.
  7. I allow the players to play.
  8. I allow the referee and linesmen to call the game.
  9. I will remember my child made the team, not me.
  10. I support the team by volunteering with telephone calls, etc.
  11. I support the club by volunteering at signups, tournaments, etc.
  12. I am positive and I look for positives in the coach, players, and referees.
  13. I have reasonable and realistic expectations.
  14. I remind my child not to get down on themselves and to keep playing hard.
  15. I remember not to take myself too seriously during the game.
  16. I know and understand the rules of the game. If I don’t understand a rule or call, I ask someone who knows.
  17. I know and follow club rules and policies.
  18. I help my child fulfill their obligation to the team (be prompt to games and practices).
  19. I encourage my child to talk to the coach as needed.
  20. I am a role model of good sportsmanship and expect my child to be the same:
  21. I control my temper
  22. I accept the decisions of officials with good grace
  23. I treat players, coaches, other parents, opponents, and officials with fairness, generosity, courtesy, and respect
  24. I develop my child’s respect for the ability of opponents and for the judgement of referees and opposing coaches
  25. I discourage unfair gamesmanship
  26. I will not use profanity, abusive language or negative personal remarks.
  27. I understand that GEYA Soccer is organized around the principle of fun for everyone involved.
NO PROFANITY or intimidating/taunting language or actions will be tolerated.
NO intimidating mail, email of phone calls to GEYA administrators, volunteer coaches or referees will be tolerated.
Failure to comply with the code of conduct could result in explusion from GEYA, GEYA events, or case the team of the offending spectator to forfeit the game.



I registered my child; when will I hear from the coach?
Usually you will hear from your coach, or league, at least one week before the first team meeting/practice. Players are assigned to teams after registration closes and after a division has sufficient volunteer coaches.

Coaches will be in touch after the coaches' meeting where they will receive the rosters. Although you should hear from your coach within a week of the start of the season, sometimes the coach's schedule and work commitments don't allow for immediate communication. In the meantime, you can check your account by logging in at the top right of the screen using the username/password you used when registering your children. You will be able to see which team your child has been assigned to and the Team Info page will show your schedule. 
I missed the registration deadline. Can I still register my child?
It depends on whether the division in which your child would be placed has room for new players. Please email [email protected] to check. If there is room, your registration will incur a $30 late penalty per child.
I registered my child, but now we've decided to play another sport. Can I get a refund?
As specified on the Policies and Procedures page, GEYA Soccer has a No Refund policy.
How can I make sure my child is assigned to a team with a certain coach, friend or carpool buddy? You can't. As our Policies & Procedures Page clearly specifies, we politely ignore these requests as they are usually impossible to accommodate given the size and nature of the league. We do guarantee that siblings will be assigned to the same team (if they are playing in the same division), and coaches’ and assistant coaches’ children will be assigned to their team.


What equipment do players need?
Shin guards are required. Cleats are recommended but are not required.
Local sports stores, for example our sponsors Dick's Sporting Goods sell value packages including cleats, shin guards and a ball for $30 to $40.

What does the league provide?
Starting in Spring 2020, GEYA Soccer registration now includes a jersey and socks kit for all Kdg-8th grade teams.

Are earrings permitted?
No. For safety reasons, earrings must be removed prior to practices and games.
They cannot be taped or otherwise covered. They must be removed.


How are soccer teams created? 
In the K-3rd grade divisions, commissioners do their best to place a few children from each school and grade level on every team. Coaches receive their team rosters at the coaches’ meeting, and they will contact you before the beginning of the season.

In the 4th -12th grade divisions, coaches will draft teams with the help of their Division Commissioner. They may also hold skills assessments at the beginning of the season to review all players and create balanced teams. See the Team Assignment Policy in Policies & Procedures.
When will my child get his/her jersey? 
You child will receive a GEYA t-shirt jersey at the first practice. Players in 4th-12th are required to wear an official GEYA Soccer jersey. These are blue/white reversible jerseys and should be purchased during registration. If you currently own a blue/white jersey you may use that for your child. 
Can I bring my dog to practices and games? 
No. Since 2007, GEYA has had a policy of no dogs allowed on the premises of any GEYA practices, games or events for the safety of all players and spectators. We do love pets of all kinds, but cannot allow them on the fields. Games will be stopped by coaches until the pet is removed from the field. Also, Uwchlan Township has posted signs forbidding dogs on the fields.
Who do I contact if I have a question or issue? 
If the question or issue is related to your team or schedule, first talk to your coach, then division commissioner, then VP if you don't get a timely or appropriate response. If the issue is related to any of the areas of responsibility listed on the Board & Commissioners Page, then contact the appropriate Board member. If you’re not sure who to contact, send an email to the President, Secretary or one of the VPs.
Does GEYA have a TOPSoccer program for players with special needs? 
Yes, our TOPS program is called HIGH 5 Soccer. Go to the HIGH 5 Soccer page for details.
How can I get more involved with GEYA Soccer? 
GEYA Soccer is run by volunteers and we're always looking for more help. To get involved, send an email to the President or Secretary, or attend a monthly board meeting. Meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of every month at Eagle Tavern in Eagle at 7:00 p.m. and are open to any active member of GEYA Soccer.

What To Expect After Registration

Once registration is closed for the current season, the GEYA Soccer Board, the VPs, the division commissioners, the field assignment director, and the scheduling director spend a significant amount of time working out the number of teams per division, the schedule for the season, the field assignments, the referee assignments, and coach and assistant coach assignments for all teams. 

Once this is complete, meetings with the coaches are scheduled to talk through the logistics for the upcoming season. In the younger divisions, the commissioners and coaches assign the players to the teams and will communicate the assignment via email or phone after the coaches' meeting. In the older divisions, we may schedule a skills combine to assess the players and help ensure we have balanced and fair teams. 

Please be patient as we work through the team assignment and scheduling process. We try hard to have the details worked out before the season kick off but it often comes down to the wire due to late registrants, field issues, weather, and acquiring coaches. If you haven't heard from your coach by the weekend before the season opens, please send an email to your Division Commissioner (the email can be found on the Board & Commissioners Page).

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