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GEYA Policies and Procedures

  1. GEYA Values
  2. Refund Policy
  3. Team Assignment Policy
  4. Game Cancellation Policy and Procedure
  5. Financial Aid Procedure
  6. Online Background Check
  7. Harrassment/Assault Policy
  8. No Dogs Policy

GEYA Values

 GEYA Soccer’s core values are the pursuit of excellence in athletics, teamwork, good sportsmanship and friendship. Our dedicated volunteers lead by example to promote confidence, goodwill and leadership in our players. GEYA Soccer focuses on playing soccer for fun and not for competitive reasons. All players receive equal time and attention, and the program is structured to ensure teams are as balanced as possible. We do not keep track of team standings or have play-offs until children are in the 4th-5th grade division, and we discourage the children from focusing on the score or whether they have won or lost.

Refund Policy

GEYA will not refund registration fees for any reason.

Team Assignment Policy

Requests for assignment to a particular team or with specific teammates become a logistic and operational burden to commissioners. Therefore, requests will be politely ignored with the hope that parents understand why they can't be entertained. The only guarantees that can be made are:
• Siblings will be assigned to the same team if they are playing in the same division.
• Coaches’ and assistant coaches’ children will be assigned to their team.

Game Cancellation Policy and Procedure

 Protecting the safety of our players and protecting our fields from damage are key responsibilities of the soccer board. Therefore, the board has the responsibility to determine if games should be held on days when there is inclement weather or when inclement weather is predicted.
In an effort to give teams as much playing time as possible, we will hold games despite rain as long as there is no lightning and fields are playable.

In the case of township-owned fields, including Fellowship, Matthews Meadows and Pine Creek, the township makes the decision about closing fields, not GEYA. For this reason, games scheduled for township fields may be cancelled while games scheduled for other fields are played. Also, Fellowship #1 (the turf field) can be used during rain, as long as there is no thunder or lightning.
In the case of thunder or lightning during play, coaches are expected to halt play immediately. We appreciate your support in keeping our kids safe. Teams must remain in safe location and game cannot resume for at least 30 minutes after last sound of thunder/lightning.

Notice of cancellation of games will be communicated at least one hour before (8:00 a.m. on Saturday, 5:00 p.m. on weekdays) the first scheduled game via the following mechanisms:
• An email will be sent to the email address used on your registration at signup.
  • Coaches and their teams have the responsibility to check whether the board has cancelled play on the fields before their game.
  • Please do not contact commissioners or board members regarding cancellation information.
  • However, if a situation occurs where the fields are open at the start of the day, but the weather worsens later in the day, coaches can make an independent decision to cancel a game. In this situation, competing coaches should both agree to the cancellation.
  • Coaches or team parents should create a team telephone call list to notify the parents on the team in the event of last-minute cancellations.
  • Cancelled games may or may not be rescheduled

Financial Aid Procedure

GEYA Soccer offers financial aid to help families who need assistance with registration fees so that their child(ren) can continue to enjoy GEYA. In addition, GEYA offers free registration for families of active military personnel. 

To apply for financial aid, please send an email to the Registrar at  
[email protected] with the name(s) of the child(ren) and a brief explanation of the circumstances that require you receive aid.

Note that your request for financial aid must be received prior to the end of the regular registration period (pre late fee) in order to be considered.

Online Background Checks for Coaches


Risk Management Policy, 1 February 2019

Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association


GEYA Soccer is classified as an intramural program. As such, we must comply with the following requirements as summarized here. A full description is available at, under the Membership Services banner, Risk Management Policy subsection.

1.     Risk Management Coordinator: GEYA must appoint a risk coordinator as an official position on the Soccer Board.

2.     Background Checks: Any individual 14 years of age or older in a paid position or an individual 18 years of age or older in an unpaid position who has regular contact and supervision of minors, must be compliant with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania background checks, which are valid for 60 months once completed.

Go here first:

At the bottom of the web page, you will see 4 big buttons related to each of the steps in the process.

a.     Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History (everyone) – 15 mins

-   Create an ID for yourself

-   Receive temporary password

-   Login with temp; create permanent password

-   Receive security code to verify your account

-   Provide required data

-   Take screenshot once submitted

b.    Department of Human Services Child Abuse History (everyone) – 5 mins

-   Populate page

-   Take screenshot once submitted

c.     Federal Bureau of Investigations Fingerprint check (everyone – choose the option that applies to you)

For unpaid positions, where Pennsylvania resident of 10 years or more, an Affidavit of Compliance must be completed  

-   Print this embedded document

-   Sign as directed with a witness present, then date

-   Scan and save an electronic copy

For all unpaid positions, where Individual has not been a resident of Pennsylvania for more than 10 years, an FBI fingerprint check must be completed.(1 hour)

-   Requires physically going to a fingerprint site

1.     Concussion Training: Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer policy on concussion procedure and protocol mandates annual training to be completed by all coaches, assistant coaches and team managers. The training is available here: (everyone, 40 minutes)

-   You cannot pause the training and return to it, so allow enough time to complete.

-   Valid for 12 months from the date of completion

-   Take screenshot once completed

2.     Safesport Annual Training: In accordance with U.S. Soccer policy 212-3, all board members, coaches, team managers and trainers must create an account with complete SafeSport training annually. SafeSport Training regarding the prevention of abuse, including emotional, physical and sexual abuse of any amateur athlete is available to all Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer members at no cost. (

The SafeSport training is integrated with US Soccer Connect. The SafeSport Trained certificate will automatically be updated in the individual’s profile by completing the training in US Soccer Connect. After the initial training, a refresher course must be completed each year.

-   Valid for 12 months from the date of completion (~75 min)

-   Take screenshot once completed

-   A refresher course must be completed each subsequent year (~30 min)



Harassment/Assault Policy

The GEYA Executive board has developed a harassment and assault policy. This is intended to be adhered to by baseball and soccer coaches, players and spectators.

*DISCLAIMER*: This policy is not a substitute for reporting abuse or suspected abuse to the proper authorities, such as the local police department, the Department of Children, Youth and Families, etc. This policy is for GEYA purposes only. 

GEYA is committed to providing an environment for its players and volunteers that is free of harassment of any kind. Therefore GEYA maintains a strict policy of prohibiting all forms of unlawful harassment including sexual harassment and harassment based on race, color, religion, national origin, age sexual orientation, gender identity or any other characteristic protected by state and federal laws. This policy applies to all players and volunteers of GEYA and prohibits harassment of players or volunteers at any GEYA activity by any person. This policy prohibits unlawful harassment in any form, including verbal, physical, visual, retaliation or threats or demands.

Unlawful harassment includes but is not limited to:
  • Verbal conduct, such as epithets, derogatory comments, slurs or unwanted sexual advances, invitations or comments.
  • Visual conduct, such as derogatory gestures.
  • Physical conduct, such as assault or improper touching.
  • Threats or demands to submit to sexual requests.
  • Retaliation for having reported unlawful harassment.

Plan for Reporting Suspected Abuse

A player, volunteer or other person who believes they have experienced harassment by any other person while involved in a GEYA activity should report the incident to their respective coach, the League Commissioner (Baseball or Soccer), or a member of the GEYA board of directors.

Reports may initially be verbal, but the complainant must submit the complaint via the Suspected Harassment or Abuse Form, found on the GEYA website. It is the duty of any player, volunteer, parent, or other program participant to report any incidents of abuse or suspected abuse.

In any case where a complaint (verbal or written) is received by a GEYA coach, League Commissioner or member of the GEYA board of directors, the complaint must be forwarded in writing as soon as reasonably possible to the Commissioner of the other sport (i.e. a soccer coach would report to the Baseball Commissioner, and vice versa). The Commissioner who receives such a complaint should immediately report it to the President of the Board of Directors.
The GEYA Board of Directors is committed to and responsible for investigating all such claims, and taking appropriate corrective and disciplinary action. Persons who complain about or report abuse will not be retaliated against.
The confidentiality of the child, family, and alleged abuser will be maintained, and knowledge of the report will be restricted to a “need to know” basis and may include investigative agencies (child protective services and/or law enforcement). The anonymity of the parties in question, however, cannot be promised, as suspected abuse is to be reported to law enforcement authorities.

No Dogs Policy

 For the safety of GEYA players and families, NO DOGS are permitted on the premises of any GEYA practice, game or event, even if dogs are permitted at that facility, park or field. A GEYA representative (board member, commissioner or referee) will request the removal of any dog from a GEYA event and is authorized to halt a game until the request is complied with.

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